Department of General and Chemical Physics

Head: Dr. of Scienses in Physics and Mathematics,
Professor Vladimir G. Shevchuk.
Department specialty: chemical physics.

List of subjects taught under this specialization:

Chemical kinetics and thermodynamics
Heat and mass transfer in chemically reactive environments
The theory of critical phenomena
Phase equilibria and phase transitions
Laser Molecular Spectroscopy
Inflammation physics

Combustion physics
Theory of chemical reactors
Fire and explosion safety physical principles
Applications of Combustion
Combustion of Condensed Matter

Department graduates are working at:

• scientific – research institutes, laboratories, universities,
• physics teachers in schools, colleges and universities,
• sphere of power engineering and alternative energy,
• areas of defense technology,
• information technology
• Fire safety (experts)
• researchers in plant laboratories,
• environmental monitoring,
• Service safety and health requirements.

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