ICAT Staff

Through the history of ICAT ONU there nave worked 6 D. Sc., over 15 Ph. D., many scientists, engineers and technicians. Personal structure of the researchers for today:

Mykola Poletaev – Deputy Director, D. Sc, associate professor.

Volodymyr Shevchuk – Head of Department, D. Sc., professor.

Anatolii Zemlianyi – research associate ICAT.

Denys Darakov – researcher.

Oleksii Sydorov – junior researcher ICAT.

Olesia Rohulska – junior researcher ICAT.

Mariya Khlebnikova – engineer ICAT.

Kateryna Khanchych – engineer ICAT.

Pylyp Bulanin – engineer ICAT.

In 1991-2015 Graduate study completed: I.V. Sharf (1992), Y.M. Kostyshyn, I.S. Altman (1993), O.K. Kopiika, O.V. Korobko (1995), V.V. Opiatiuk, Y.V. Pleskyi (1996), V.V. Kornilov, Y.Y. Berkov (1997), T.A. Yarovyi (1998), I.O. Florko (1999), I.M. Yakovets, L.V. Kaliaieva (2000), V.L. Zakharchenko, A.A. Nazarenko (2001), B.M. Hnyria, S.Y. Ivanov (2002), O.Y. Daichman (2003), O.V. Sytnyk, O.I. Sydorov (2007), E.P. Ilchenko (2008), Y.O. Doroshenko (2010), O.S. Rohulska (2012), D.S. Darakov, M.V. Demirova (2011), V.S. Munitsa, A.S. Oparin, P.O. Pavliuk (2014).

For two decades, are defended:

  1. a) doctoral theses : Florko O.V. “Optical and electrical aspects of combustionin dispersed systems” (1994); Kozytskyi S.V. “Physical properties and structure of zinc-sulfide and zinc-selenide obtained by self-expanding synthesis” (1995); Poletaev M.I. “Dusty metal flames: obtaining, properties, application” (2013);
  2. b) Ph.D theses: Boichuk L.V. “Flame expansion in two-component gas suspensions”; Poletaev M.I. “Structure of two-phase laminar diffusion plume”; Shoshyn Y.L. “Laminar flame in gas suspensions:velocity and structure” (1993); Kostyshyn M. “Regimes off lame expansion in gas suspensions”; Kopiika O.K. “b-azid-ethanol combustion” (2000); Florko I.O. “The role of radiation in the process of gas dispersive systems’ combustion” (2004); Opiatiuk V.V. “Specificities of evaporation and combustion of water-fuele mulsions of heavy hydrocarbons drops” (2010); Doroshenko Y.O. “Nano-dispersive condensed phase formation in laminar dust flame of metal particles” (2011).

Current graduate studentsin the specialty “Chemical Physics, Physics of Combustion and Explosion” working and researching in ICAT ONU M. I. Khlebnikova, Y.O. Olifyrenko, K.Y.Khanchych, V.V.Davitiani. Ph. D. theses of O.I. Sydorov and D.S. Darakov are represented to the Scientific Council.

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